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Original Moxi/Carolyn McCarthy/Heidi Bowden

Born Original

This collaborative and inspired/inventive group of women from Ypsilanti have come together to be create images that celebrate uniqueness, style and humanity.

your one-stop shop to create compelling images of you. We feature unique hair styles, makeup artistry and a full photography studio to serve you. We are a team who have the creative direction, vision and skill to deliver truly unique and scroll stopping images that
Child sessions start at $500 and lifestyle sessions start at $700 and include a number of high resolution digitals.  There is a non-refundable session fee of $200 due at booking which goes towards the package you select.  

“I think it’s critical to have a broad range of images that express and illustrate our generous humanity and the profound diversity of our beauty,” Davis said. “The way black people demonstrate love-through our bodies, our style, our music, art, language, our food, humor, the way we love God is vast and mighty. The world loves to witness and learn from black love, we just want to make it easier for folks to see.”

aims to reimagine and reflect the many ways black love can be experienced and perceived. In fact, Ché says the platform aims to “make us less reactionary to how other people treat us and more proactive about how we treat each other and focus on how we want to build a sustainable future.”
“This is a platform where we can explore relationships, politics, sex, economics and all things that can positively affect ourselves, our community and ultimately the world we live in,” he added.

people will feel uplifted, empowered and healed in some way after viewing them.  

n looking ahead, Davis and Ché plan to continue to collect and distribute images that align with their mission in hopes that people will feel uplifted, empowered and healed in some way after viewing them.  
“And that’s not just for Black people. When anyone is exposed to love, there’s no room for fear or hate. Love triumphs over all,” Ché said.
Black love has the power to empower and energize everyone and the central mission behind this campaign is one that reinforces the beauty of black love and the transformative power it embraces. 
“I want black people to have a refuge and refuel in our profound indestructible love. I also want us to dip back frequently, in the soulful sexy we way we love. We love like Prince, Phyllis Hyman and Marvin Gaye,” Davis said. “I also really want people to know all the AMAZING Black photographers capturing time, ideas and us through a particular lens. And I want people to love one another more, bravely, sweetly and frequently,” she added.

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